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I've found a job! Thank you so much for your interest and support.

Hi! I’m Kwyn Meagher

I’m a full-stack engineer with a passion for API design and developer experience. I’m also a weekend warrior rock climber. 🧗‍♀️️ I’m looking for my next thing! Maybe that’ll be with you.


I’m looking for a senior full-stack role on a product or developer tools team.

Ideally you:


I’m available October 2018


SF 🌁 or Oakland 🏗️. Open to full time remote positions.

About me

I’m a senior full-stack engineer with experience from designing CSS component systems to building and deploying docker containers. I’ve previously lead a team on HealthCare.gov and I’ve worked at both large and small companies on APIs and system integrations. I love writing functional code but realize when mutability is a necessary tradeoff. I believe software is inherently integrated with humans and that can’t be overlooked. I’m most happy when my work makes other people’s–developers and/or consumers–lives easier.

I have experience in Javascript, CSS, React, Redux, Flux, GraphQL, Node, Docker, and various other technologies

I’m just starting to ramp up on Go and I love it already.

If you think I’d be a good fit for your team, please email me at hireme[at]kwyn.io .

For more details about my past work, you can find my resume here


I worked as a cross-functional design collaborator with Kwyn on HealthCare.gov. She lead technical efforts on the new version of the eligibility application. We paired on development in the front-end. She made sure I understood what I was coding by breaking down her explanations of the complex code base. I also watched her support the legacy application with ease. She has a great attitude and was a pleasure to sit next to during the year we worked together

Susan Lin, Product Design Lead

Kwyn served as the tech lead on our project team working to rebuild the insurance application on HealthCare.gov, creating a mobile first, human centered experience. My focus was on defining the project requirements with our stakeholders and our roadmap internally and Kwyn’s input was essential to our estimation, planning, and technical approach. She consistently brought a voice of calm to an incredibly complex environment, supporting teammates through technical decisions and facilitating discussions to build consensus on a decision. She’s quick to identify systemic problems impacting the work of the team and always offers thoughtful suggestions for shifts in team structure/process.

Kwyn balanced completing work independently and efficiently, while making herself available to pair with engineers, designers, and product folks to work through implementation questions and defects. She excels in strategic thinking, always pursuing the root cause of issues and making recommendations that solve for the long term need successfully balancing both the big picture and implementation details/constraints. She has great instincts on managing personalities and teams, supporting others to make them more successful. It was an absolute pleasure working with her on this project!

Dom Fichera, Business Analyst

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